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NCARB Exam Tips

Posted by: Brightwood Architecture Education
Published: July 20, 2015

Develop a plan and stick with it. Look at your calendar for the year and determine when you will have the most time to prepare.

Focus on one division at a time. Construction Documents & Services, Programming, Planning & Practice, and Site Planning and Design may be the best to choose from as a starter exam. This will maximize your exam credits if you plan to transition to the ARE 5.0.

On average, candidates usually fail one division of the exam. If you do fail an exam, use the NCARB exam report that you receive to plan your studies for the next attempt. Focus on the areas where you performed poorly and spend extra time working through those areas. Your score report will not include a breakdown of your vignette errors for reasons related to exam security.

Check out the NCARB vignette tutorial videos. Also, work through the sample vignettes in the NCARB practice program. Familiarize yourself with the NCARB vignette software.

Review the NCARB exam guides for each division. This will help you focus on what is included on the exam and help you know what you need to review. It also gives the percentage of content for each division.

Visit www.NCARB.org for more information.